Woven Bones

At this point Woven Bones could put out a cassette of the band eating breakfast and we'd probably fork over the $6 for it. Their new 7'', titled I've Gotta Get, shows the band trying out some new approaches after the success of their recent Hozak full length. The A side title track finds them at their noodliest, relying heavier on a melody more closely-picked, and catchier, than anything you've heard them do before. The B is just as satisfying, bringing more of that scuzzy southern bootgaze (?... just go with it) that we loved on In and Out and Back Again. And all of this on Hardly Art? Sheeeeit.

Woven Bones - I've Gotta Get 7'' [2010]

Label: Hardly Art
Sites: Official/ Myspace/ Review

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