Royal Baths

Oh man, now wouldn't you just believe it -- WF have been swamped the last couple of weeks. Caught some great shows (Oh Sees.. stellar), but also had more "real world shit" to deal with than you can shake a stick at. To our credit, however, we haven't been jamming on too much new shit lately. Well luckily, and right on time, here comes the Royal Baths release we've all been waiting for. Hopefully this heavy dose of garage psych will get us back to normal again. And it's on Woodsist -- like they've ever steered you wrong.

*Link removed by request* - Sorry bros

Label: Woodsist
Sites: Myspace


The Electric Bunnies

Have you heard this group, The Electric Bunnies? The 7'' they just put out on so-hot-right-now label Sacred Bones is truly stellar, and just so happens to contain one of the most abrasive little noise-pop diddies to be released in recent years. Eschewing timely lo-fi tendencies in order to bring that bittersweet wince of audible pleasure-pain to the middle frequency, Pretty Joanna is an absolute gem. What band of deviants would combine such a sweet tune with absolutely pummeling drums and 3 1/2 minutes of continuous, piercing left-channel feedback?

Demented? Maybe. Brilliant? Maybe.

The Electric Bunnies - Pretty Joanna 7''

Label: Sacred Bones Records
Sites: Myspace

Dead Gaze

We here at WF heard you've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Don't worry, we get it. We understand. The seasons are changing, you were a little let down by the new Nobunny album, your formerly scrupulous girlfriend has been listening to the Arcade Fire, you forgot to sign up for the Hozac 7'' series, and it seems like those new Crocodiles and Deerhunter records are just never going to drop!

Take a breath. Do you like Flight? Of course you do. Well then you'll love Dead Gaze. More blown out weird-rock coming straight from the swamps of Jackson, MS. We're thinking this record will fix ya up right.

Dead Gaze - End of Days, Why Not You?

Label: Mirror Universe Tapes
Sites: Myspace


The Hex Dispensers

Austin's The Hex Dispensers can pack one hell of a punch, even when they're slowing their roll and taking on a ballad such as One Less Ghost, the title cut off their new 7'' for Trouble in Mind Records. As if your ears needed any more reason to prick up at the mention of Trouble in Mind, here comes another great release that further extends their excellent 7'' track record. Grab your best girl for the boot-stomping prom night destroyer that is One Less Ghost, but don't get caught in the pit when the b/w hits.

The Hex Dispensers - One Less Ghost 7''

Label: Trouble in Mind Records
Sites: Myspace


Brazilan Money

Sometimes our friends to the North wrap up a sweet little present and send it down our way. How does it get to us, you ask? Well we here at WF sure don't know. Mountie on horseback? Their most trusted hockey player is tasked with skating it down? Either way, this ass-kicking little garage rock 7'' by Edmonton's Brazilian Money found its way to our doorstep and we couldn't be more thrilled. Something about those long cold winters must equip bands to make the kind of raw, shambolic anthems they're known for. This 7'' is not to be missed - pick it up!

Brazilian Money - Doing What I Want 7''

Label: Totally Disconnected
Sites: Myspace


Big Troubles

Here's a group that's kind of like Real Estate's younger brothers, if they had grown up listening to The Cure, while attending JAMC High, eventually graduating and going to The University of Guided By Voices... Right out of school they get a job at My Bloody Valentine & Associates ... a couple of years, two or three kids later... some days you wake up thinking, "Is this even worth

Big Troubles - Worry [2010]

Label: Olde English Spelling Bee
Sites: Myspace



Hey, remember that day? The one you've been waiting ever so impatiently for? The day you could stop obsessively checking the countdown and start listening to anything other than Love Visions? Well wake up bitch: it's today.

Nobunny. First Blood. I don't think we here at WF need to say much more. Enjoy!

Nobunny - First Blood [2010]

Label: Goner
Sites: Myspace

Oh and hey - New No Age via Magiska. Why not?