Night Beats

Seattle by way of Texas group Night Beats are still new to the game, having only released one 7'' on Trouble In Mind Records (a label putting out some truly outstanding singles lately), but they're already getting a lot of attention. Locked-in drums, jangly psych guitars with generous echo, and a singer with some serious pipes. They're currently touring extensively on the West Coast to support the 7'', and we Least-Coasters here at WF couldn't be more jealous.

Night Beats - H-Bomb 7'' [2010]

Label: Trouble In Mind Records
Sites: Myspace


  1. caught em live a couple of weeks ago in columbus and had my mind melted. great stuff.

  2. Dirty Dave you are one lucky fellow. Columbus must be a pretty nice place to be - great music history and a ton of good current bands. Cool blog too, we'll definitely keep checking it out.